Managed Training Services

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Alsco’s Managed Training Service is a complete package to organise your company’s training. With it, you can avoid hefty Work Health and Safety fines, keep your people trained, and make your workplace more safe and secure.

Our encrypted online platform allows for convenient management of data, records and certificates, as well as centralised reporting and notifications when training certifications need to be updated.

The results? With minimal effort, you can stay on top of your training schedules, keep your company safe and WHS compliant, and make your business more organised and efficient. It’s a win-win.

What’s So Special About Alsco’s Managed Training?

With Alsco, training isn’t just training. It’s a convenient, comprehensive solution to every aspect – from long-term staff retraining strategies through to important WH&S legal compliance.

Over 150+ years of business and 48,000 satisfied clients, we’ve perfected our Managed Training Service. No matter your staff, business or industry – we provide a training service that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Our Managed Training Services include…

  • Convenient, individual access to the platform for WHS administrators and designated officers
  • Timely email alerts to notify you when staff certificates are due to expire
  • Prompts to ensure new staff are suitably trained – without delay
  • Automatic system updates whenever your staff attend an Alsco training course
  • Prompts to ensure you have the ideal safety officer to staff ratios

Key Features

Multi-Site Friendly – Alsco’s national expertise means we can manage multiple staff across multiple locations with ease – simplifying your training processes

Easier Incident and Risk Reporting – Our tool provides an easy interface so you can report any treatments as soon as possible – staying WHS compliant in the process

Customisable Emergency Management Plan – Alsco can provide an emergency management plan that can be easily edited to fit your unique workplace – saving you valuable time and resources

Disaster Recovery Plan – Are you prepared for a disaster? With Alsco, you are. We provide you with a customisable plan to save and secure your business’s valuable data in the case of an emergency.

How Does Alsco Simplify Safety?

One Annual Fee – Limitless Training Opportunities

With Alsco’s Managed Training Services, we provide a Training Guarantee. Simply put – you pay one, fixed fee. With our unique fee structure, everything comes included:

  • Certificate updates & staff retraining
  • Limitless new staff / staff replacement training
  • Full access to Alsco’s Training Courses, online platform, and emergency templates

Over the 3-year contract period – every element regarding your training is included in what you pay. That means…you don’t have to worry about training budgets, unexpected staff turnover, or WHS compliance.

With Alsco’s Managed Training Services, safety is simple.

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