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Every Australian company has access to managed first aid training through registered companies like Alsco Managed Training and they also should have first aid kits tailored to their business needs.

Managed first aid training is becoming more popular as the training firms provide the skills and personnel needed to assess specific needs and to tailor training and first aid kit inclusions to suit all types of businesses and their locations.

Mining camps, for example, have a much different profile to shopping mall retail outlets and an on-site trainer at a remote mining site might expect to find qualified medical staff on site because of the time it would take for an ambulance – or an air ambulance – to reach the location.

Courses offered by managed training firms are based on the delivery and assessment of Units of Competency from various training packages, but it is important to ensure that the most appropriate training firm for each enterprise is selected. It is not a one-size industry.

The ‘best’ training arguably is provided by firms that have a wide range of experienced trainers with medical backgrounds and the ability to assess the skills levels of their First Aider trainees.

Most First Aid certificates in Australia are issued at one of three levels:

Provide Basic Emergency Life Support.
Formerly Level 1 (or ‘Basic First Aid’, or ‘Basic Life Support’) this is a one-day course covering primarily life-threatening emergencies. It involves the training and assessment of HLTFA201A from the HLT07 Health Training Package.

Provide First Aid.
Formerly Level 2 (‘Senior First Aid’) is either a two-day face to face course or one day face to face combined with 4 – 8 theory work at home or online. It involves the delivery and assessment of HLTFA301B Provide First Aid. It covers all the aspects of training in ‘Provide Basic Emergency Life Support’, as well as specialised training for treatment of burns, bites, stings, electric shock and poisons and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Provide First Aid must be re-accredited every three years to remain current for use in the workplace.
Re-accreditation of the CPR component (HLTFACPR201) is generally required annually, although individual states set the specific requirements.

Provide Advanced First Aid.
Formerly Level 3 (‘Occupational First Aid’) is a three or four day course covering advanced first aid, use of oxygen and AEDs and documentation. It is suitable for workplace First Aiders and those who manage First Aid facilities. It is based on the training and assessment of a group of units of competency – HLTFA301B Provide first aid, HLTFA402B Provide Advanced First Aid and HLTFA403A Manage first aid in the workplace – that generally are delivered together.

Other courses are also common, including CPR-only courses, Advanced Resuscitation, Remote Area or Wilderness First Aid, Administering Medications and specialised courses for parents, school teachers, community first responders or hazardous workplace First Aiders.

CPR re-accreditation courses are sometimes required yearly, regardless of the length of the overall certification.

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