The Alsco Story

Since 1963, Alsco has helped over 48,000 Australian businesses to comply with legislation, invest in their people, and adapt to ever-changing business landscapes.

Alsco has changed dramatically. But over 150+ years of global business, one thing hasn’t. From our very first customer in 1889 to present day, we’ve continually offered you a level of service that is carefully refined to match your needs.

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Alsco’s Managed Training Service

As an Australian business, you’re legally required to comply with complex safety regulations.

Without Alsco’s help, you need to…

  • Painstakingly train a specific number of safety personnel
  • Keep track of who’s trained, when their certifications expire, and when to retrain
  • Create a safety and evacuation strategy
  • Stay up-to-date and compliant with ever-changing regulations

For the most organised of businesses, that’d be a challenge. And when there are 140,000 workplace injuries per year (that’s 1 every 9 hours), not being trained isn’t just a hassle – it’s a constant risk to your employees.

Luckily for you, our complete managed training service does just that – manages every little detail of your training and safety needs. The results? We save you the headache of training so you have more time to focus on running your business.


  • Our expertise is yours – Key training experts will train your staff in only relevant skills through flexible, tailored training courses (on and off-site)
  • More efficient administration – Keep track of trained staff, expiring certifications, and reduce your administrative burden with one, single connected online system
  • Convenient emergency plan template – Save time and use Alsco’s flexible, in-depth emergency plan template
  • Save time and avoid Work Health Safety fines – Through our training system, we’ll keep you and your people up-to-date with complex WHS regulations
  • Be prepared for the worst – Having key staff members professionally trained for emergencies can help you avoid disaster
  • Cashflow-friendly – With Alsco’s unique fee structure – you can easily keep tabs on your safety training costs – no unexpected fees

We provide a wide range of safety training services. These include:

Each of these services are tailored to fit your company and your industry – large and small. Our training courses will teach key personnel precisely how to react in an emergency situation.

A Real-World Example of the Importance of Training

ACME Inc. own a large, 20-story building in Sydney. On each floor, they have a designated safety officer and a first-aider (WHS requirement). These trained staff members can help evacuate the building, respond to emergencies, and treat injuries.

Three of ACME Inc.’s safety officers move on from the company. Added to that, five existing safety officers have expired safety certificates. Because there was no organised system, ACME forgot to replace and retrain these key staff members.

One year, there’s a devastating office fire. Because of the lack of trained personnel, the evacuation isn’t organised, multiple staff are injured in the process. ACME Inc. are liable for substantial WHS fines, as well as their employees’ health.

With Alsco’s managed training service, ACME could have avoided the above situation.

Not only do we train your staff; we also keep on top of who’s trained, when their training expires, and any changes to WHS regulations that might affect your company.

One Fixed Rate: Limitless Training Opportunities

…That’s Alsco’s Training Guarantee

Instead of paying for every certificate, training course, and module, you pay one, fixed rate for an agreed period.

That means…regardless of staff changes, expiring certificates, or new WHS legislation, you don’t have to pay anything extra. Not one dollar. You can keep your costs down, and easily budget for your training in the process. It’s a win-win.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you for the amazing training that ALSCO provides for First Aid and CPR, I have learnt a lot and I am confident to act in an emergency. I always enjoyed the informative & practical training sessions and would recommend anyone to sign up!”

Lillian Milenkovic | Showroom Host


Safety training shouldn’t be complicated, costly, or time-consuming.

That’s why – with Alsco – it isn’t.

With a single, annual fee – let every concern about cash-flow, WHS legal worries, admin and emergencies disappear.

With Alsco – safety is simple.

To learn more about Alsco’s Managed Training Service, contact 1300 651 706 or send us an email.