First Aid Training

Your co-worker has collapsed. What do you do?

Responding effectively to workplace emergencies such as heart attacks, choking, drowning or electrocution makes first aiders the heroes of the hour.

For the accident victim, having someone nearby who is expertly trained to administer basic first aid is not only reassuring, it’s a legal requirement for any business.

Since 2011, Alsco has been an industry-leader in First Aid Training. In addition to offering Managed First Aid Kits, Alsco provides a unique Managed Training Solution that ensures your workplace maintains WHS compliance, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of your staff and customers.

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Benefits of Alsco First Aid Training

With 48,000 daily clients and 150+ years of experience, Alsco understands your business. We also understand the complexities of complying with Work Health and Safety regulations, and keeping your staff safe and secure in the process. Our First Aid Training is no exception.

Alsco’s First Aid Training is…

  • Extensive – From CPR to defibrillator operation, we have a wide range of essential courses to choose from
  • Up-to-date with WHS regulations to save you time and peace of mind
  • Flexible to your size, industry and location (training off and on-site)
  • Intuitive – a secure online system tracks and reports staff qualifications 24/7
  • Affordable – one fixed fee covers all of your first aid training needs – regardless of staff turnover

First Aid Training Tailored To Fit Your Business

Training and safety shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, they should be effortless, and specifically adapted to fit your business. At Alsco, we’ve developed a 7-step process that achieves just that:

  1. Survey – Our experts will survey your business’s unique training needs – considering size, location, and industry
  2. Plan – We create an efficient plan that’ll train key members of staff
  3. Train – An intensive training course will begin (either on or off-site)
  4. Record – We take a detailed record of all course participants, including courses and certificate start/expiry dates
  5. TrackOur Managed Training Solution will keep track of who needs retraining and when
  6. Alert – An intuitive online system will alert you when you need to train or retrain staff – before their certificates expire
  7. Report – We’ll send you a comprehensive report of your staff’s training to ensure your workplace stays safe, secure and WHS-compliant

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