While it’s not possible to eliminate workplace injuries completely, there are some common-sense suggestions that can help minimise the number of workplace accidents and incidents, managed training providers say.

These include:

  • Keep stairways, walkways and hallways clear of clutter.
  • Don’t carry anything higher than eye level to ensure you can always see where you are going.
  • Don’t read while walking.
  • Don’t run unless someone’s life is at stake.
  • Look before you sit and avoid bruises to your back caused by ‘missing’ the seat.
  • Think ergonomically. We all benefit from properly designed workstation and personal work spaces.
  • Avoid strongly scented colognes and perfumes that can aggravate workmates’ allergies or trigger asthma attacks.
  • Consider joining a workplace wellness program. If you’re an employer, consider starting one.
  • The correct office lighting is important. Fluorescent light bulbs flicker rapidly and can lead to increased fatigue as well as irritability.
  • Try to limit your multi-tasking. Multitasking does not always help you to be more effective. You are much more likely to forget something important if your mind is moving back and forth between two activities.