Knowing that statistically, Aboriginal families have a much higher risk of a fire in their home than other people in NSW, fire fighters recently held a safety workshop for Aborigines in the Liverpool area.

The program focused on giving the volunteers first-hand skills and training so they will know what to do if a fire starts in their home.

Fire safety volunteer Terry Manton said he had enjoyed the experience although he “was a little nervous at first, especially to put out a fire with the extinguisher”.

He said the day had given him confidence and he plans to share the information and skills he learned with his friends and family.

Liverpool station officer Bill Spek said Aboriginal regional communities and others might not all be aware of fire safety measures like smoke alarms and extinguishers. “I’m part of the Aboriginal community and it’s my job to be a link.

“I hope to build a better relationship between them and Fire and Rescue,” he added.