The Royal Commission into Australia’s Insulation Program has been told concerns about fire risk were raised months before the project roll out started in July 2009. Abandoned after a year, the scheme also has been blamed for its part in the deaths of four installers.

Keith Wilson QC told the inquiry one training module was a six-hour course that could be taken on a Saturday morning.

One result was some contractors had poor qualifications and poor installation procedures that contributed to more than 100 house fires. While trained electricians were aware of fire dangers, the poorly-trained insulation installers were not.

Beth Brunoro of the Commonwealth Environment Department said she had wanted a five-day training package, but a one-day health and safety training course eventually was implemented.

Designed to inject cash into the Australian economy following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the insulation scheme was attacked for being rolled out in haste. The inquiry continues.