Hundreds of people who completed first aid courses in Alberta, Canada – some of them for work – have been told they must re-do the training.
One story – from Andrew Johnston, a child and youth care worker – is typical.
“In March 2015, I took a weekend course for Emergency and Standard First Aid through First Aid Calgary and was re-certified for three years.

“I believed it was a well-recognised course, company and certificate.”
However, in early September, he discovered the training – which came from the US company Emergency Care and Safety Institute – wasn’t valid in Alberta and anyone who took the courses had to be re-certified.

“You’re supposed to offer an OHS-certified First Aid training program so that everybody is working on the same program, on the same principles those programs are based on,” said Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.
The firm that offered the rogue training program, First Aid Calgary, said the course was offered in error.

“We were told by the company this program was certified through Occupational Health & Safety, but after a few months, the government informed us it was not. We are offering anyone who took the earlier course a remedial program at no cost.”